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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Time, Money & Overtime

I am realizing that what I valued a year ago and what is important have changed. I use to focus and how much money I could make & how much overtime can I get. I find myself going hey wait a minute am I watching life pass me buy as I focus on getting money to live. Why not live well we can. No matter how hard you try to fill your schedule with ways to make money life will not wait for you. Thats like saying I will have kids when I save enough. What will be enough, if we wait to afford to live we will never live. God has promised Mathew 6:25-34. After working a week of overtime, I miss the time for my relationships with God & my family. I know God will get me through all the demands on my life, Financial or other wise. I find myself not being able to get my mind off of how I can extend my Fathers hand of love. I pray that my father gives me a way to serve the needs of his children with the Glory & thanks be to God. God has rekindled the fire in my soul to want to do everything I can to make the day brighter for those in need. Where once I thought they were only dreams and impossible to do I know now that through faith nothing is impossible. I know there will be trials, suffering, & possible death, but I am not affraid as God has had my life written before I was formed in the womb. Well  my eyes are closing and will need to leave it for tonight. May you know the Heavenly Father who loves you & knows you by name.

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