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Monday, September 20, 2010

Praising God

        My Big Sister lost the function of her Kidneys a couple of years ago and has been on Dialysis for the couple of years but last week she started having complications and she went for surgery this morning it was a waiting game not knowing as she also has a bad heart. I asked as many people I could at work to lift her up in prayer & asked my friends on Facebook to pray for her.
        You see I am so scared for my Sister because she had turned her back on God & I don't know that she is saved and that terrifies me. I don't think I would be so terrified but when we went through the Trials a door was opened to Spiritual warfare & my family got to experience stuff that opened the door to knowledge of what is waiting for those who have not excepted Jesus Christ & acknowledged their sin & I was never so freaked out over what I witnessed.
         I love my Sister & it terrifies me that as she is facing the end of her life that when that day comes there is no turning back if she doesn't ask Jesus Christ into her heart. She knows she doesn't have long, but none of us can guarantee when our last day or our last moment of choice is it could be years away or it could be any moment. Will you make the right choice & will it be in time? I Praise God that she made it through her surgery and has a little more time for God to call her home to his arms. God doesn't promise that we will not experience trials but he gives us hope in his promise of Salvation through his son Jesus Christ.
         If you want to know God now Check out the Link at the top right of this page. I pray you except the Gift God has given you through his Son, because the alternative is horrific.

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