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Monday, September 20, 2010

Didn't Feel Like a Weekend

The weekend flue by far to fast. I went to work on Sat for a voluntary work day & made it to first coffee about two hours into the day. I just couldn't focus, my mind was on my Sister and how much she is suffering and that I don't believe she has asked Jesus Christ into her life & her time is running out to open the door to her salvation. :.o.(.  I couldn't get my mind off Family Maintenance Enforcement wanting paper work back to 2002 for proof of My ex & My Son's Behavioral supports, I wonder & question if my ex is getting grilled as much as I am as his income is way more than it was when the order was made. I never pushed that issue because my priority is Our kids & constantly taking each other back and forth to court would cause undue stress on Our Children. I have to admit I am a sinner & I have had many sinful thoughts towards my Ex, but I pray Our Lord Jesus Christ will get me through & maybe come up with a way I could pay back every ounce of Child support my ex gave me because I don't need this stress right now and the kids are far more important than my ex's money. Ok, that was my little vent moments, they come up every once and a while.  Well I asked my Boss if it was alright for me to take off under the circumstances because I needed some me time to clear my head. The funny part is I should have listened when my body decided to turn the signal on to go to Church Parking lot on Sat. the day I have been talking about. I ended up taking me time and started driving east as far as I could in the time I had and as usual Praise 106.5 had the music that spoke into my heart with what I was thinking about. I found myself at Coast Mountain Dairy & they were open. What better pick me up & as I pulled in the driveway the song came on "It's more like fallen in love"  by Jason Gray. God was reminding me of how far he had brought our relationship. I started feeling better after that.

Sunday service was bang on and speaking to my heart as Our Pastor spoke about a missionary who was a house cleaner that while standing in front of the mirror knew at that moment God wanted her to go to China & how that developed and I had my Son sitting next to me nudging me with that look he's talking to you again. The Pastor also mentioned about the road blocks that she overcame and I heard God speak to my heart that no matter the barriers even if you end up going on your own I am calling you to Kenya. I think it is kinda neat because by now the whole idea would have fizzled, but God is holding me tight and removing any doubts before they become doubt. I think today's sermon gets posted on Tuesday @ the Northview messages link.
I do have a barrier to over come because I have a bunch of Photo Art Framed & I need to get past the fear to be able to approach people about selling the Photo art I have to rest that it is in God's timing not mine.

Well eyes are starting to get heavy time to say Good night all!

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