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Thursday, March 28, 2013

March 27,2013

Luke 9:10-17

Dear Father,

You are greater than we could ever imagine.

Father thank you for your peace beyond understanding, as you have taught me how to trust in you in any and all circumstances.

Father you have so been my provider, in so many ways. I ask for your forgiveness as I allowed a small seed of doubt and worry creep in when I said I would walk in faith and go on this missions trip even knowing this would not all be covered by my vacation pay, as I only had a weeks worth.

Father you have provided for me to survive till the next payday. You have provided for me to have the Papaya that you have asked me to consume. Thank you!!

Father I thank you for the opportunity today to share my experience on the missions trip to Guatemala. I take great joy talking about you!

Father I come to you asking for continued provision of your mercy, grace,peace,joy,love and the Holy Spirit in the lives of those morning their loved one that you have called home, for the youth missions team and their leaders, for the school in El Tizate and everyone who enters the gate, for little Bryan and his family and for the community of El Tizate. Father guide them, protect them and cover them with the blood of Jesus. Father cut away with the sword of the Spirit anything that is not of you and return it to the pit of hell where it belongs to never return.

Father I ask you to cut away with the sword of the Spirit any doubt or anxiety that may creep into my mind these next couple of weeks till my full paycheck returns. Father I ask for your continued provision, like the fishes and the loaves.

Father I continue to ask that you take charge of my thoughts, my spoken words and my actions. Father I am yours do with my life what is pleasing to you and will glorify your name. I am yours reign in me, let your will be done in my life not mine.
In Jesus Name Amen.

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