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Sunday, March 17, 2013

Day 9 in Guatemala

Day 9 in Guatemala: Colossians  1:11, Isaiah 43:1-3a


Thank you for another day! What a blessing it was to go to Love Guatemala's soup kitchen and put a face to Judy who I had been Fb Praying with and to see what their Ministry is doing. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to share your love through my testimony while we were there. Thank you for allowing me to encourage the missionaries in the work they are doing.

Thank you Father for the team I was with taking a vote to allow me to sleep after lunch, as this cold in my head made me so weak as the fever set in.

Thank you Father for our Spanish Teachers full of love, patience and a wonderful sense of humor.

Father our missions trip is coming to an end as you know and I am going so going to miss everyone here in Guatemala, it has so become my second home.

Father I will so miss the devotional with the children every morning and the love they have for you! and for each other.

Father I will also miss the Church services, as the worship for you is so filled with such energy, joy and passion for you, as they celebrate you with all they have,

Father thank you for allowing me to be me and allowing my to share your Testimonies of love in my life with those around me and use them to encourage instead of what the enemy intended use to destroy.

Father I come to you now and ask that you continue to change me from the inside out. Father take care and charge of my thoughts, my spoken words, my ears, my hands & my feet. Only let me do your will, not mine. I ask for your forgiveness for what I have done that does not Glorify you Father. Take me to the river and wash me clean, so I am white as snow.
In Jesus Name Amen.

Day 9 Email update:

We are almost into the double digits!

Final spanish class starts in 5 minutes. We are going to practice a song that the team started to learn in Canada already when they took a few spanish classes with a teacher named Bety (thanks Bety!) They didn't quite get the song downpat, so we're going to do so now and at some point (perhaps Thursday) sing it in front of the student body during the devotional, accompanied by Len on the accordion! Should be fun.

I have learned how to spell A-C-C-O-R-D-I-O-N during these emails. I thought it was an "-ian" at the end. But It is not!

(funny story: I had said to one of our staff here the other day in Spanish, "Carlos, can you bring up the accordions that are down below in the facility?" but I didn't really know the word for it in Spanish, so I just made up what I thought it would be (usually works) and said something like "los acordianos" but Carlos heard, "a los coreanos" and he was a little confused but nodded his head and said, "Sí, sí" he would bring them up, but Julianna was there (fluent in Spanish and English) and she started laughing and laughing because what I had actually said was, "Carlos, can you bring the Koreans up the hill?" and that's what he heard (and was rightfully confused) but he nodded his head despite his confusion that yes, he would go look for and bring up these Koreans that were apparently here unbeknownst to him! LOL. There's a laugh for you today. Ah, languages.

Just to clarify then: "accordion" is spelt "ION" In English and in Spanish the word is: ACORDEÓN.

This morning most of the team went to visit Love Guatemala, the ministry of Phil and Judy Bergen. They are just 10 minutes away from where we are and are stationed in Jocotenango. It was great to hear Phil and Judy share a bit about their ministry and the things that they are involved with. We had some good conversation with them, met some of their volunteers, and helped a bit with some soup distribution.

This afternoon everyone carried on with our service projects, minus Heather & MJ who made a trip into town to assemble a few grocery hampers. These grocery hampers were in our annual Christmas Catalogue and the amount purchased through the catalogue is the amount of families that we are able to bless with some food and household items. So they had fun shopping for that and tomorrow morning we will be able to distribute them to some families in the area. I'll send out a few of the team with Jervin, our school pastor/devotional teacher. He has the families picked out already. One of the families is living up in the fields beyond the school, probably squatting, and the kids aren't in any school at all. So it is an opportunity to not only give away food in the name of Christ to a family who needs it, but also to build relationship and hopefully encourage the father to put his kids in school. So important!

There are a few minor colds going around in the group, but I am so pleased with the general health of the team. It has been quite extraordinary. MJ has a nasty eye infection that has been bothering her during the trip, and I'm sure a country with more-than-the-usual amount of dust in the air is causing further agitation. Please pray for healing!



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