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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Day 3 in Guatemala

Just a note before I start. When we were down in Guatemala we were introduce to Treasure Hunt Evangelism, where we were given a Treasure Map. I have to say I had no experience when it comes to Evangelism. I have to say this is one of the best ways to break the ice into doing this.

 Ok now back to posting Day 3 of my Journal: Psalm 91Philippians 4:19 


How Awesome are you far beyond what I can comprehend. I am witnessing your mercy and grace, as your love poor's out on your Treasure. The clues you gave us and the witnessing of your obvious Treasure because of it. You reminded me today that I am one of your Treasures that you sent many to rescue, as you connected my present to my past and how far you have brought me.

I once lived in terror and shame, but you have set me free. Father words can't describe how thankful I am for everything you have brought me too, the good and the bad, because it has brought me closer to you and the love you have had for me since the beginning. A love I had been searching to find, but couldn't find until I found you!!! I love you beyond words and my life. I give to you my life as a living sacrifice, help me be in your will in all that I do. Please, Father take charge of my thoughts, my spoken words,my dreams & actions.
In Jesus Name Amen.

Day 3 Email update:

A little earlier than most my updates! We will be gone the whole rest of the day, so thought I'd shoot you all an email now.

Group is out for lunch with host families in the community in just a few minutes. They've all been plugging away at various tasks this morning. 4 down at the house construction site, 2 up at ministry construction project (an apartment for our long term volunteers), several of the ladies plugged into the school, making resources and assisting in ESL, etc. We are SO SO blessed that Len in the group was a tile-setter by trade AND (lo-and-behold) we are precisely at the point where we needed to begin laying tile in our apartment project. So wonderful how things work out. That project has been behind schedule, so to have Len and Clint helping put that tile floor in is a HUGE BLESSING!

After lunch, at 2pm, we are going into Antigua to do some street evangelism. This is the highlite of the trip for me! We had a great night last night with myself and some of our staff down here sharing testimonies of our evangelism experiences over the last few weeks. It is just amazing how the Lord uses willing vessels. Scared vessels, but willing vessels. All for His glory!

Please cover us in prayer this afternoon. We know that God has prepared hearts for us to meet. Pray that he would enable us by his Spirit with boldness and the right words!

Tonight we're going to church. (they have services here on Wednesday nights.)



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