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Monday, March 25, 2013

March 17,2013

Dear Father,

I have to thank you for this day and your presence that was so felt in it. I love you more than words could ever express!

Thank you for the breakfast my son and I have together every Sunday before Church. Thank you for calming the questions in my head of doubt that isn't you, that has been speaking into my thoughts, by speaking scripture into my thoughts over the lies, reaffirming your truth over me. Thank you for reaffirming what you have been teaching me through the sermon at Church today.

I am missing what I had with you in Guatemala, as I don't have that freedom here, you tell me you too were rejected by where you grew up, for the walk you were on. Thank you for reminding me of the call you have asked me to walk, to go out into this world and share the comfort and the love you have been to me in my life with those of this world.

Father thank you for the time spent with Linda this morning, as the conversation was so in unity of what you have been teaching both of us, about Holy Spirit and how it is through the Holy Spirit we find strength and guidance to walk with Jesus and do God's will.

Father I ask for your forgiveness of my sins. Father consume and take charge of every nook and cranny of my being and life.
I pray this through the Holy Spirit, In Jesus Name Amen. 

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