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Thursday, March 14, 2013

Day 5 in Guatemala

Day 5 in Guatemala: Proverbs 10:19-21, Psalm 32:6-8

Oh Father,

I cannot praise you enough, for all that you have done in my life and all that you are doing in my life. Thank you for loving me and letting your Son Jesus die for my sins, on the cross. Thank you for caring for me and removing me from the construction site and bring me to a place, making resources for the school, I could feel like I was a help not a hinderence.

Wow last night, you brought us to the Prophets of the church Lord, forgive me for the seed of skepticism that was in my heart. Father I knew it was you speaking truths into me through the Prophets, as many things I had never told those around me. Thank you Father for restoring my hearing & my sight. Father please give me the ability to breath the way you taught me too, in through my nose and out through my mouth, as many times I forget to take a breath at all. Father remove all the fear and anxiety around eating Papayas & Olive Oil for the 40 days you have asked me too. Father remove the fear and anxiety of not eating red meat and possibly meat at all for 40 days, as that only leaves the foods I avoid.

Father consume me from the inside out. Father take my hands and let them be your hands, take my feet and let them be your feet, take my ears and let them be your ears, take my eyes and let them be your eyes, take my thoughts and let them be your thoughts. Father I surrender my life to you. Father I love you and would die for you, if you asked me too.
In Jesus Christ name through the Holy Spirit Amen.

Email Update for Day 5:

Buenas Tardes a todos,

Well, it's that time again! Let's see. Let's see what I've got for you. Last night Len, Dave and I vamos-ed to church for a worship practice. That was good fun, although we only played through one song, accordian special for Len, as it is quite tricky rhythmically and took a while to figure out. Because the neighbours start throwing rocks on the roof at 9pm (true story) we didn't have time to practice any other song, although we'll be doing the service bilingually next Wednesday night. So Dave and I will just wing it vocally! The rest of the team had the night off. Needed.

Today, we were back in our service tasks. We switched some people around a bit to give bodies a break from the manual labour of construction, so that was good. I intended to go down to the site, but got caught in the accounting cross-fires and ended up translating for 2 hours between our Canadian accountant and our Guatemalan accountant. Although it may seem boring to you, WE ARE SO BLESSED that Martha is able to set our accountant up down here on the same program as our Canadian offices. Soooooo good. Goodbye excel worksheets.

Here's a praise item: EVERYONE IS IN GREAT HEALTH! That is totally awesome. I am thankful. Please continue to pray for that. Usually someone is down and out over bowel issues, or dehydration or something, but this team is doing great.

Tomorrow we are going out in the afternoon for our second evangelism time. That will be in the afternoon. Thank you for your prayers.

Because I have fallen in love with the long-lost Accordion, here is a love poem that I have written to share with you all:

O sweet, melodious Accordion
Where have you been all my life?
Who can say why our world has so rejected you?
Disowned you?
Moved "beyond" you?
You have captured my heart with your black and white keys
Your tones that please
Your buttons that tease
The fingers that so deftly master you.
You are more classy than any that vie
For attention by your si…de
More classy than trumpet, than guitar, than flute
These instruments when compared to you, are moot.

Katrina Janzen
Canadian Director

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