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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Day 11 in Guatemala

Day 11 in Guatemala: Ephesians 4:1-6, Philippians 4:6-7


Thank you for this day and the blessing of all the children and there response when we sang them a song in Spanish, for their prayers over us and the swarm of hugs. Thank you Father for little Brian who did not miss one morning, in the 9 days of school we attended devotional in, of giving me one of his beautiful hugs. Thank you for the opportunity to sponsor little Brian.! He holds a peace of my heart.

(My apologies ahead of time if I have spelled names wrong)

Thank you Father Haydee, Carla, Juice, Eva, Juliana, Rebecca  Karina,Kats, Louis,Jarvien  and all those I have missed writing down there names, as I know them but names have always escaped me. Father poor out a special blessing on them, as they shine your light into these children's lives.

Father it was so hard to say Good-bye today, as we packed up to head for the hotel in Antigua. I can't believe the two weeks is coming to an end already.

Father thank you for showing me that the poverty and culture may be different but our need for you is just the same. You are the only answer to healing that will fix what is broken in our lives.

Father it has been such a blessing to have the opportunity to get to know the members of the pastorate that were able to come on this journey and Martha, Varina and Steve. You have brought me to a more personal level with them and a place of trust with them.

Father I come to you for forgiveness for all that I have done that does not Glorify you. Father wash me clean  in the river of life, consume me from the inside out, taking charge of every nook and cranny of my being, take charge of my thoughts, my spoken words and my actions.
I pray this in Jesus name through the Holy Spirit Amen.

Email update for Day 11:  

Hi Everyone,

I am writing to you from our Antiguan hotel. Just a short email. Sorry it was not in your inbox for when you got home from work! A good wrap-up in Tizate this morning, the team was pleased to see the house with the roof put on, and we spent a few hours just finishing up some things. Elongated goodbyes at the school…all of those people really grow on you. Even in 12 days believe it or not.

Final lunch in the host families, we took then took off for a coffee tour for 1:30pm and after that arrived here at our hotel at 4pm or so. Just a laid back time, we went to the artisan markets for some last minute purchases, had a FABULOUS dinner (ask someone about it) and are now crashing for the night. The team will head to the airport tomorrow at 10am and will soon be back with all of you!

Thanks for following this trip and praying for us.



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