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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Day 1 in Guatemala

Each Day we were given a scripture verse in the Journal we were given to write in and my dear friend had sent me with a beautiful card with 12 days worth of scripture verses that she had asked God to give her for me, something quite interesting happened, The first verse in the Journal was exactly the same as the verse my dear friend had given me. Ephesians 2:10

My Journal Day 1:

Wow where do I begin??  You have been preparing me for this moment my whole life. I was in awe today when I realized all these days I found myself not being able to afford gas to get to church  you were preparing me to walk the hills of El Tizate, extremely steep hills(no exaggeration).

I found myself talking about many things and places in my life and how your hand was in it all. Satin tried to put the seed of doubt by telling me I was speaking far to much about my life experiences and when I tried to stop you opened my mouth farther and the words started flowing and the joy about talking about you lit a fire of joy in my heart.

Father I come to you tonight and ask you to fill me with the Holy Spirit to overflowing, consume my thoughts, my words and my actions and flood my dreams and my thoughts with your truths.
In Jesus Name Amen.

Email updates were also being sent out while we were down there: 


First piece of news: we are all alive and well in Guatemala.

First introduction: Hola. Mi nombre es Katrina. Hello. My name is Katrina. I work for Global Shore and am hosting your team of friends and family for the next 12 days here in El Tizate, Guatemala. Thank you for sharing them with us. We are excited to get to know them, work alongside of them, expand the kingdom of Jesus with them, be changed in the process. AMEN! I know almost none of you, but I will pretend that we are all good friends and will write in an informal, friendly style. (it's the only way to roll when recapping team trips.)

First item of interest: we have a facebook page (search "Global Shore") and that is where I will be periodically posting pictures of this team and their experiences.

First piece of trivia: what missions team had to push-start their minibus out of the airport parking lot??? OUR TEAM! YEAH! (the reason why the battery died remains unknown, but what IS known is that these men know how to push!).

We arrived back in town here around 3:30pm. Settled in…had a town tour, hiked up the E-NOR-MOUS hill (not exaggerated. We don't exaggerate on this point) towards the school, stopped mid-way up to visit our house construction project (started by a January team, continued by this team) and made it up to the school for endless stories on the goodness of God, His amazing provision, and all of the kind of history that results in the school that we have today for 225 kids. All of the glory is the Lord's.

It is now cold (weird weather…we are in the DRY season and there were a few rain drops earlier…BC, send us your people, but not your weather!) and people are going to crash pretty early. Breakfast at 6:30am!


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