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Saturday, March 16, 2013

Day 8 in Guatemala

Day 8 in Guatemala: 2 Corinthians 4:5-12, Isaiah 40:31


Thank you for this day and all the blessings that were in it. Thank you for bringing me to Guatemala, so I could connect with Kat. Thank you for the blessing she was to me, by allowing me to share my testimony with her from beginning to end and her questions and sharing with me.

I have never felt so free to share with anyone in person before and it was such a blessing to do so in full discloser and be understood.

Father teach me what I need to do with the gift you have given me. I see what I see, but no one else does.

Father thank you for allowing me to see your angel tonight, instead of the dark shadows, I normally see. What great peace and love surrounds your angels.

We prayed for a Dad and Son on the teams Dad/Grandpa and then we sang a song suiting to the prayer and then Kat prayed at the end of it for their Dad/Grandpa one more time and as I was going to close my eyes for the second song right after the prayer I caught a person dressed in bright white and leather sandals walk through the circle we were sitting in and I came to realize nobody had moved from their seats and everyone was still singing. I saw your angel in bright white, I did not see the face as I could not look up, walk into the center of the circle and then was gone. ( as I type this in the blog I am hearing a voice saying it was me, not an angel. Jesus was it you? I have a strong sense it was, Father please give me peace if it was your Son, ok, I am not to familiar with what I am experiencing in this moment, as I type and will need to sit in prayer with our Father to understand) Father thank you for letting me know what you wanted me to do with what you let me see and thank you for Kat's guidance to pray and ask you what to do with it. Thank you for your guidance in letting the Dad know that you are very present in their family right now.

Father continue to consume my life and take charge of every nook and cranny of my life, transform me from the inside out, let your will be done, not mine. Flood me with your Holy Spirit, so that it can overflow into those around me.
Through the Holy Spirit in Jesus Name Amen.

Email update for Day 8 in Guatemala:

Hello People,

Well I am so so happy this afternoon because I got to spend 2 hours gardening which turns out to be a love in my life, one only discovered about a year ago. Nikki and I had a great time getting everything in tip-top shape around here. I love edifying conversation.

There is visible progress going on, which is always encouraging. Len and Clint are still on tile duty and every day we get closer to finishing. I have posted another batch of photos of our facebook page, and there are some of the tiling there that you can see.

Our principal found out that Sabrina with her experience as a TA has worked with children with special needs and as such we've paired her up with one of our teacher's who has a girl in her class with dyslexia I think. There is absolutely zero training down here on how to deal with special needs, so the entire Guatemalan education system remains ignorant on how to address that. What a blessing that Sabrina can take some time to equip our staff.

Construction continues and I think Wednesday the roof is going on the house.

We've switched Dave over onto some carpentry duty to finish some needs that we have in house here for the facility.

Tomorrow morning those that wish will have the opportunity to go and visit Phil & Judy Bergen, fellow missionaries from Northview that are working just 15 minutes away from us. We have connected with them over the years, and it will be neat for those from Northview to get to know their ministry as well.

There are a few minor colds in the team, but nothing that has taken anybody out. Thank you for your continued prayers for health and safety.

Crazy that this is Day 8 already.

Thanks for following,


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