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Friday, March 15, 2013

Day 6 in Guatemala

Day 6 in Guatemala: John 17:16-18, Psalm 37:3-4


I love you!! Thank you for returning and healing my sight, so I could read your word with ease and for returning my hearing so I can hear what you want me to hear. Father give me strength and peace and tuck me under your wing of righteousness. protect me from the evil one who tries to bring me down and away from you. Father please cloak me in your full Armour, so when the enemy attacks I through you can defend myself against his lies and manipulation.  Father help me have peace when I am rejected and feel like I don't belong. I know I will always belong with you, no one can separate me from your love.

Father my throat is swelling and it makes me cough lots. Father I ask you to put your healing hand on my body and restore it, if it is your will.

Father their are no words to describe how much I love you! I will never be able to comprehend how much you love me.

Thank you for opening the doors for me to go to church this morning, with Rebecca.

Father I ask you now to fill me with the Holy Spirit, take charge of every nook and cranny of my life, change me from the inside out. Father may the Holy Spirit be my translator this morning as I go to hear your word in Spanish. Let the words of your truth fill me.
I pray this through the Holy Spirit in the name of Jesus Amen.

Email update for Day 6:

Buenas Tardes,

Saturday! It's good. What a great sleep in for people today, good stuff. Clint wanted boots, so I had a boot-maker come by at 8am and turns out he had a lot more customers than expected! Yow for cowboy boots.

We went up for a time with our pastors Julianna and Jacobo at 9am for a time of teaching. That was great to get us focused on the Great Commission before going out again this afternoon for our second evangelism time. Today, we had our principal Karina and another staff member Luis join us to lead groups. Luis pastors a church in a nearby town called Parramos, so we sent two of the four teams to Parramos to help evangelise in his city there. The other two groups headed to Antigua. We just got back to Tizate here at 4pm, for a time of debrief and testimony sharing. Some really heavy burdens that the groups ran into today, lots of really serious illnesses that needed prayer, another group spoke with a guy who had been in a recovery house (one that is connected with the church here) but he had relapsed last week and was too ashamed to go back. That group was able to speak with him for a really long time, encouraging him, speaking truth into his life. That ended in tears and prayers. Anyways, just incredible that we as Christians can be light "LUZ" and hope "ESPERANZA" and love "AMOR" to all of those people today. Lots of great opportunities, praise the Lord.

Can you believe it, is it raining right now in Tizate. Dry season. But rain. ?

We are going in for a nice dinner tonight in Antigua. Our thanks to such a fantastic group of servants who have given of their time, finances, have worked in the heat, have strained their muscles, have served Guatemala for the Lord. How awesome is that?

Thanks everyone for your prayers,


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