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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

March 26,2013

John 6:43-45

Dear Father,

Thank you for the gift of Salvation, for allowing your only begotten son to carry our sentence of guilty, even though he held no guilt. He carried the weight of our sin and our transgressions and He paid the ultimate price for us, as He died on the cross. He rose again three days later and the veil was torn so that we could enter into a personal relationship with you through Jesus. We were given a hope that even if our flesh fails us we will have eternal life, if we accept what Jesus has done and asked for forgiveness of our sins and transgressions. Father you know our heart.

Father today you brought one of your precious children home where a place has been prepared for her in your mansion, as you have healed her of her suffering.

Father I ask you to be with her husband and her three daughters who have been left behind, as there journey towards home is not complete yet, as well as the rest of the family and friends, as they walk through the valley of grief, as they miss the one they love. Father may your comfort surround them, may your strength strengthen them, fill them with your Holy Spirit and flood them with your peace beyond understanding. Father Guard their thoughts from the author of lies. Father I ask you to cover them with the blood of the lamb, Jesus Christ.

Father I ask you to comfort my heart,as it breaks for this family, for I know the love they had for one and other. Father I continue to come to you and ask that you take charge of my thoughts, my spoken words and my actions. I surrender Father, consume me from the inside out, transform me. I come to you asking for your forgiveness of my sins and transgressions. Father take me to the river and cleanse me of all that is not pure, so that I am white as snow in your sight.

Father I ask you to be with the youth team and their leaders, as they are down in Guatemala, let your will be done in their lives and draw them closer to you than they have ever been. Father protect them and cover them with the blood of the lamb, Jesus Christ.

I ask the same for the school, little Bryan and El Tizate Father.

In Jesus Precious Name Amen.

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