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Monday, March 18, 2013

Day 10 in Guatemala

Day 10 in Guatemala: Mathew 25:31-46, Jeremiah 29:11-13

Father I thank you for walking with me again today. What a blessing it was to help give hampers instead of receiving them and to connect with the families that received them Father.

Thank you Father for using my past scars to help encourage a single dad, who lost his wife in a slide, as I shared part of my testimony. When he received the hamper, I knew the struggle with pride and self worth he was facing.

Thank you Father for allowing me to connect with the pain of one of the other recipients Father who's husband had just walked out on her and her children. Father witnessing the strength and wisdom she has in you and the hope you have given her. I lift them all up to you Lord, heal the brokenness Lord in their lives,

The third family Lord we were told the husband is lazy and won't work. Father I ask that you cut away with the sword of the spirit the laziness Father and mend the brokenness in this family as well.

Father I learned from you that the culture and poverty may be different, but the brokenness and pain  is the same and there is only one who can heal and restore the brokenness and that is you, if the lost come home you can mend their brokenness and pain. I know this because you have done this in my life.

Father all I want is you, forgive me Father for what is in my life that does not Glorify you. Father consume me from the inside out. Take charge of every nook and cranny of my being and life. I surrender, let your will reign in my life, not mine.
I pray this in Jesus Name Amen.

Email Update for Day 10: 

Hi Everyone,

Quick "Day 10", we are off in 10 minutes for our final evangelism time here in Guatemala. Thanks for the prayer coverage! Last night we had a time of sharing just about our time here thus far in Guatemala and it was really neat to hear everything the Lord has been doing in people's hearts. All kinds of stuff! I was encouraged to hear one team member share about how ever since we went out last Wednesday to evangelize for the first time, every day since then he's been thinking about how he can go home and share Christ with his co-workers. Isn't that amazing! It's been like one giant icebreaker for a number of people. Praise God! Please keep us in your thoughts and prayers this afternoon.

This was our second-to-last morning of service here in Tizate. Clint and Stephen did some table assembling this morning, a few last minute carpentry pieces for our team facility here. Mom gave the pila in the compound a makeover (thanks Mom!) as it's been run-down looking for the last 7 years. Martha finished up training our accountants on a new software program, Verena and Sabrina continued in the school with their various commitments, Dad returned to fixing last minute mechanical issues, Len and Dave kept hauling on the tile, and MJ, Nikki and I went with our school pastor Jervin to visit three families, deliver grocery hampers, and share Christ! It was great. Some super heart-breaking situations, it is so good to be LIGHT in darkness. Amen.

Church tonight. can't wait.


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