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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Day 2 in Guatemala

I have to say something before I write this next post as it could be offensive to some and it is not intended as a knock of any ones religion, but a fact of my experience while in Guatemala. After 2009, God has given me a gift, as he opened a window into spiritual realm where I can see the demonic and after Guatemala much more, as will be explained later in future posts. I am not writing this with the intent to hurt anyone but to write with the mask off, so please understand that I cannot sugar coat my experiences, because they are my real experiences, as I live them. 

Day 2: 1 Corinthians 1:27-31, Isaiah 41:10


          How you know us and the connections we make. Father that little boy held me tight and didn't let go of hugging me for a long time. My heart broke for him, as a hug from a child is more than some can fathom.
          You also brought me to a place of reflection, as it was talked about a young girl who could not read, but yet she could read the bible. How her parents encouraged her through brokenness and you sent the ministry to help the parents communication with their child.
          That Child was me too Father, but you have taught me to read your word. You have brought me to so many verses and taught me how read and understand them.
          Father you also reminded me how active spiritual warfare is and how I can not let my guard down and how I still need you to guide me!
          I could not walk into the active Catholic Church in Antigua, as the demonic presence was very strong and it was like walking back on the edge of hell. Father I need to be on the edge of heaven with you, not hell without you.
          Father take charge of my thoughts, actions and spoken words, consume me from the inside out. Let your will be done in my life, not thine. In Jesus Name Amen.

Email update for Day 2:

Buenas Tardes a todos,

Well, the weird cold weather blew away and we had a BURNER today. But, thankfully, no burnt people as they all stayed well-hydrated and had sunscreen on. A good thing too, what with our 5 hours in Antigua. Did some money exchange and all of that, but the main event was a walking tour to various ruin sites to learn more about the religious and cultural history of this here land that we find ourselves in. My favourite part was having a quiet devotional time in this overgrown, beautiful garden ruin. LOVE that part. :)

This morning we all made it up the hill for our first devotional. I sent a few people to catch the bus to save their knees the trek up, but the bus didn't come! Road work = road obstruction, no bus could pass. I put all of that together as I found myself walking alongside all of our school kids (who would normally have been on the bus.)

We had a bit of a coffee time with Julianna (director down here) and Jervin (school pastor) to catch a fuller glimpse of the vision of the school, the philosophy of our Christian education, and just to hear a bunch of testimonials of what God has been doing in the lives of the kids. Awesomeness. I never tire of those stories, though I've heard them many a time now.

everyone is in Spanish class right now. just a one-hour lesson. I had meant to have a bit of turn around time there for the group, between the tour and their first spanish class, but alas! There was a funeral procession in the street! (TIG. This is Guatemala.)  The public "chicken bus" that we were on fully stopped and turned off the engine, but in the end the delay was not too long.

Tomorrow the real work begins!

Dinner is wafting here into my room. I'm off.


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