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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Thanking God for Showing Me

I am so thanking God for showing me that when he asked me to walk on water, it may have been scary to take that first step, that I had nothing to fear.

I have been watching God orchestrate his plan for my life. I stand in awe.

Yesterday, I received an email for Global Aid Network yesterday telling me I could consider myself part of the Kenya Missions Team, all I had to do was mail the registration & the $50. deposit. My feet are barely touching the ground with excitement of what God is going to show & teach me next on this Journey he is taking me on.

I look back now and ask myself why I waited so long to give God the drivers seat in my life and never want to go back into the drivers seat.

May God meet you where you are today and may you hand him the keys to your life.

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