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Saturday, January 1, 2011

New Years Resolution

I normally don't make New Year resolutions as when I was younger, I always found they lead to disappointment & failure. I don't know why but this year it has been put on my heart to make two resolutions or promises to myself this year.

The first one is to find a way out of poverty and I know that means learning a new way that is out of my norm, because obviously the way I have been doing it isn't working. I need to seek out Christan counsel I can trust to mentor me & help me build a strong foundation. I will do this by asking questions and making sure they are in line with God's truth according to scripture.

The second is to find out how to get past the trauma my family faced in 2009 as it has become a form of bondage in my life that I can't get free of, no matter how much I think it is behind me it keeps coming back and maybe if I can find away to get free from it I can help my family get free of it.

Father I know nothing is impossible for you, help me to learn from this & grow. Give me the strength & peace to stay fixed on Jesus. I know the water may get deeper before I reach the other side father help me to keep my faith & not sink from fear when the winds come, save me Jesus from myself.
In Jesus Precious Name Amen.

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