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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Made for Hollywood

I can't get this picture out of my head, the one you see in the movies & on TV.  The picture of a witness standing up for what they believe in by being a witness. You now pan out to see the bad guy do everything in his power to scare and intimidate the witness include threatening their lives. When the bad guy can't get to the witness this way he goes after the people the witness cares about. We know even if the witness gives in to the pressure there will be no good outcome because the bad guy can't leave loose ends just in case it comes back to him again.

I feel like this has been my life, the more I witness to God's great work in my life & praise him the more the devil try's to intimidate me to know avail and because I have witnessed first hand God's Great Power I am not willing to sway. Well now I feel he is going after the ones I love by using spiritual warfare & I know that by me giving in to it nothing good will come of it.

I will daily put on the Armour of God & Pray over my family. I know God will get us through the valley as we enter the next trial as he has got us through so much already.

I went to see my Dad today, under his hospital robe you could see the bones under his flesh he has become so skinny. He was unshaven. I was looking at this old frail man called my Dad, but I was also looking at a little kid not sure of much. I was seeing for the first time a frail old man who once I feared. I was once again reminded how brittle our life is hear on earth & how rapidly things can change.

I thank God for giving him the ability to call the ambulance & I praise God for sending them to a place where a man told them he couldn't swallow his pill. God was taking care of him by allowing circumstances to develop where they might not have. My Dad has Subdural Hematoma & a broken shoulder. He went for a CT scan  while we were at the Hospital. 

We were unable to get many details past that, as here we have a privacy act which limits the amount of details they can release about a patient without consent. Unfortunately, my Dad was not of presence of mind to list us as next of kin & that is the only one they can release it to. We have to wait now until we are contacted by the Social worker assigned to him, hopefully tomorrow.

We ended up speaking to one of the nurses. The Nurse thought it very doubtful that he would be returning to his apartment as she did not feel he would pass a competency test.

God gave me the strength when I needed it today & aloud me to cry when I needed to. I started out the day fighting with my daughter to get out of bed as this thing with her Papa was the last emotional straw for her & she couldn't find the strength to face the day. I was trying to get her up for Church but I was starting to back myself into a corner that would have aloud Satan to win by making sure non of us made it to Church so off we went. I was now faced with the possibility of repeating history with that day back when I was seven and my Dad denied knowing me & possibly facing the immanent  loss of my Dad and now my daughter was facing depression & spiritual warfare.

My son & I went to Church. After the service, My son & I approached the Pastor to ask for the Church to pray for my Dad & My daughter. I was unable to fight back the tears & after the Pastor prayed for us we were leaving when we bumped into a couple that leads our Pastorate & I couldn't fight the tears & they also prayed for us, then we went home.

When me and my Mom reached the hospital I felt a great strength & peace to face what I needed to & speak what needed to be spoken, I actually felt I was in control of what needed to be done. I know this was not of my strength it was God who was holding me strong.

I will continue to trust in the Father, the Son & the Holy Spirit to Guide me & give me strength to persevere.

I thank you for your Prayers

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