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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

When All You Can Do Is Laugh.

I woke up this morning not feeling very well rested, as I couldn't get all the suffering out of my head. I headed off to work to realize half way there that I was starting to feel the physical effects of stress. Why is it the first thing to go is the memory? I had gotten half way to find out that the broken part of my partial I could still wear so I can talk & eat, as long as I glued it in was still sitting in the container at home, this was the beginning. Most of my day consisted of brain farts, you know when you are thinking & then all of a sudden you loose what you are thinking I call those brain farts.

I was so glad to see the end of the work day as I just didn't want to be around people today. I had made a decision earlier in the day that I really couldn't face going to my Pastorate tonight, God had different plans, I arrived home to my Mom surprising me to her cooking me a Lasagna to take to the Pastorate. Off I was getting ready for the Pastorate. We heard something that sounded like a bomb go off in the Kitchen. Mom went to put their dinner in the oven to find out the glass in the door was the bomb sound we heard, it had exploded. All we could do was laugh.

I went to drop my daughter off at her Pastorate & Her soup in a crock pot. Warning be careful when turning corners while giving a ride to a Crockpot full of noodle soup. My daughter opened up the side sliding door on the van to find noodles & soup all over the floor. All my Daughter & I could do was fall over laughing, what else can you do?

I couldn't stop laughing & it felt good to laugh. I Praise God for the ability to still laugh.

I was listening to the song by Brandon Heath on the way home called “Give Me Your Eyes” this has been my prayer from the time I first heard it. While listening to it the words give me your heart for those who are suffering resonated in my soul & a peace came over me as I thought how best to have a Heart for those who are suffering, but to have an understanding of what they are feeling,

We got home for the night to find out my Dad was doing a bit better & my sister was taken to the emerge at the hospital. I am so glad the day is coming to the end, but I have one question; why was the name "a series unfortunate events"already taken.

 I know this must sound weird but I know God has a plan for all we go through & I trust that this will all work out in his perfect timing, to his perfect plan & in time he will show me insight like he has in the past, when I have come out of the other end of the trial. Please continue to pray for my family as God is listening.

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