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Wednesday, January 12, 2011


As I read the Blog to the wife of a coworker that passed away, I look at the faith she has as she publicly forgives the one who caused the accident that took the life of her husband. I read her words & see that she is trying to keep her focus on where Jesus meets her in each & everyday.

I realize that my focus has been binded to the tragic events in my life, this has taken my focus off where it needs to be at all the time, on Jesus. When our eyes are open and willing to search for Jesus in our days we will be able to see the Merci, Grace & Joy he has for us beyond the tragic events.

 We see Jesus in the people & situations in our day, they are not always huge they can be something as simple as a smile at just the right moment you need it, it could even be by a no that came at the time and you don't understand why but when you look back you are thankful because now wouldn't be possible without that no. or it could even come in walking in the grief of a person you really don't know and allowing yourself to feel their pain. I am also finding you can find Jesus when you allow yourself to feel the pain of what you are going through because you will see that Jesus is your strength, comforter & healer, if you keep your eyes open & are willing to see him & trust him.

I am going to try to take charge of my thoughts & my tongue. I will try to replace every burden with a thought of Jesus's Merci & Grace. I will look for him in the weeks, days, hours & minutes of my life. I know this will take time to do & I know I will stumble. I will pray for Jesus to guide my every step. I would appreciate your prayers as Jesus keeps on teaching me & healing me. Please Pray through Philippians 4:6-8.

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