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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Wow, What a Fast Pace Exciting Day!

I went out this morning to my appointment to see a Carrier Counselor and I told him about all the things I was bouncing around in my head about detailing & skills training and all the things that would bring him into what surrounded me leaving my past employer. He was excited about what I had thought about around becoming self employed and thought this was a great idea & the best option and that he was referring me to a program that would walk along side of me and support me to get it started up. He also mentioned do to the new program through EI it can be used to help me towards becoming self employed and the Government has grants and that to help.

I felt like God was taking his foot behind me and pushing me through so no hesitation could stay a hold of me, it looks like self employment here I come..wow talk about an obvious open door.

I called my mom when I was done and she told me that I had received a call while I was out. My heart dropped when she told me it was from the MP's office back east arranging to set up my call with the MP who is trying to put forward a Canadian Health Act. I will be receiving a call from the MP Friday morning my time. Wow everything is moving forward quite quickly. Please pray for God's will in this phone call, please.

I waited till it was time to go to the Dr.'s in the parking lot & read my Bible while I was waiting, Psalm 18, Wow God I so Love you! You are my Strength, you are my fortress, you are my Redeemer, and most of all Jesus you are my Savior!!

I went into my new Dr's office and explained to him all that was going on. He is sending me for a CT. scan for the back of my head & a hole whack of blood tests, some I have had before and a bunch I haven't had, like kidney & liver function & B12 levels and a bunch more, a very long list. I have determined if this Dr. can't figured out its not for the lack of trying. I feel very safe with this Dr. & he gives me the feeling of being able to trust him.

We also heard from the bank. The Lady from the bank has arranged it so we don't have to worry about our mortgage payment for the next 6 months & we almost have enough to almost do the whole roof by taking a small advancement out of the equity in our house. We will have to make a small payment towards it for the first 6 months and after that it will double until it is payed back.

Oh, Father thank you for showing me you were with me all day today and showing me in a very obvious way that you are in control of my life, for the obvious open door & that I can trust in you through all things even when I don't understand. Father forgive me for my doubts. You tell us do not worry, help us Father to believe to the deepest parts of our souls, help us come and lean on you and sing your praises in times of trouble. Please also help us run to you in celebration of your greatness in the times of calm. Thank you for this day! In Jesus Christ Name Amen!

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