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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Just About A Week Has Past Since The Door Closed

Well it is almost a week since the door closed at my job of 5 yrs. I have no doubt what so ever that this door was one of the doors God closed, because to be truthfully honest the circumstances behind the termination from my job is not the norm.

When I was terminated I was given two letters when I was terminated. One stating the termination due to absences with a thank you for my contribution to the company and the second letter was congratulations on my 5 yrs. "Nicki, I appreciate your hard work and dedication to the organization, your role in Sales & Service is very important and does not go unnoticed. Thank you and we look forward to many more years together." You starting to notice. I also didn't realize it but I had received a raise less than a month before my termination. In my mind, I have no doubt that this is God at work.

I met this week with a Charter Accountant that volunteers his services through Church referrals to those in need. I explained my termination since we booked the appointment. We were going to him to help form a healthy budget that would stop us from continually be in financial crisis when emergencies come up, like the roof & the furnace we now need to replace. He told as we have no movable income except for our house and we could sell the house and rent, that would be an option, my Mom hit the roof. Renting to condense what she said is not an option.

I explained to him that I have everything at home to detail that I had at work except the building & he liked my idea. He said that he could help me with a business plan, and in the long term I could be better off than I was at my job. He also told me that Employment Insurance has programs that could help me to learn the business end.

I made up some business cards,


to start. I went to Well Spring Counseling as the Church recommended I returned to deal with the next stumbling block and Laurel encouraged me with detailing & took several cards to pass out to all the people her & her husband know with RV's, exciting that the word is getting out about the detailing.

My Hope for this is when it gets going I can reach out to the homeless shelters, Income assistance, and those who don't qualify for assistance and teach them a skill they can use.

God has given me clear direction now and I will be using the detailing to support my family & eventually an out reach to those in need. My Photography God gave me as a gift will cont. to be used to fundraiser for Missions to get the word out of the Love Jesus has for the world.
I have also created a new business card for the ministry and it is two sided.


I am so full of Joy & peace right now that it is unexplainable, except for God's hand in my life right now. God told me I would be Ok because I was with him. I have never felt so safe in my whole entire life.

Father thank you for providing our daily bread, thank you for helping me to forgive those who trespass against me, Father forgive me for my trespasses, Cont. to fill me with your Holy Spirit daily, Father I praise you for all you have done in my life. In Jesus Name Amen.

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