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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

A very long Day full of emotions

Today  was a very long day, from being woken up at 3am, going to work & then dropping my daughter off. I can also say it was a wide range of emotions today from angry at the partying teens this morning bright & early, to having my daughter say good bye to her best friend who is leaving to go to University. I found myself crying as I watched them say Good bye, I could feel my Baby girls pain. I ended the night looking at how much my daughter has grown in to such a beautiful young lady who is all grown up. I am so proud of her & I Praise God for getting her through! I also felt sadness as I realized that the time God gave me charge of her was coming to an end & it was time to place her back into his arms completely for him to care for her now. I dropped her off tonight at her new job that will take her away from home for the next two months. I felt her brothers sadness as he said Good bye. Father thank you for the blessing you gave me in my daughter and giving me the privilege of raising her all these years. I lay her back into your arms please take good care of her, protect her, guide her & help her stay focused on you as she starts her new Journey. In Jesus Christ name Amen!            

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