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Monday, July 4, 2011

Things Almost Never Come in Threes

I have determined who ever started the saying things always come in threes never met my family.

I am so glad I insisted that this long weekend I was taking time off from lives demands, even though it was more a necessity than anything else. I started off the weekend by taking my daughter back up to camp and spending our time together, then after I left her I spent four hours wondering around our Provincial Parks, now that we can park for free, and took over 246 pictures I will be posting some of them in the near future under the New tab, I got home just in time to get the family dinner and go to a friends house pizza & a movie something I haven't done in over 10yrs., even though we didn't get to see the movie as we talked the whole time,catching up. Sunday after Church me and my son went for another 3hr hike, this would be the second weekend we were able to do this. I am enjoying our walks together, I don't know why we didn't steel time to do this long time ago.

My mom one point during the weekend started listing all the things we needed to get done, this is a very long list. I told her that this weekend I was taking off. I came to the realized that talking about the mountain in front of you is just as overwhelming as trying to climb it. I knew this weekend of downtime had to happen if I was going to attempt to start climbing the mountain again.

Reality though started kicking in Sunday night as by the time my Son & I returned home from our walk we entered the house to be told my Sister was admitted to hospital as her sugar levels from her diabetes had gone through the roof & her foot was blistering and turning black, she couldn't stand the pain. Today my Sisters husband came over and told us they have her so hyped up on pain meds. she is only awake for minutes at a time and they would be calling in a vascular surgeon. Please keep my Sister & our family in your prayers.

Today was also the day my Son was told he could register for his Criminology/Criminal Justice courses at the University, something I have never had to do before and was so hoping my daughter could walk him through, but she is at camp. My Son found this process very stressful and the reminders that he has Autism were present as he fought having a full blown meltdown. I am so proud of how far he has come, he can now recognize the stages before full meltdown and avoids what will contribute to it getting to out of control stage or effecting others. We couldn't figure out the online registration for classes so I ran him down to the school, this is where frustration was really coming out for him as most of his classes were on wait lists already. I am so thankful to a wonderful lady who took the time to help him even though she had purse & coat in hand and looked like she was just about to leave for home. She didn't say a word she put her purse and coat down and was beyond pleasant & helpful. I was so stressed by the end of this process as I am so not a bit of help.

Now back to the beginning of the day when I for the first time slept past 6:30am. I woke to the phone ringing, I looked at the clock it was 8:30am. I answered the phone, it was the gentleman who was going to do our roof. I must have sounded half a sleep as he apologized if he woke me. He would be coming by to put the last of the details together, so he could come back with the fascia boards for the roof, so I could have them painted for tomorrow when him and his crew came.

We would need to go get paint before I could do the fascia boards, so we would have to add this into the mix. While we were out getting all the stuff done my Mom reminded me that my absent brain had forgotten again to phone the Dr. back.

I phoned the Dr. when we got home to find out that I was booked in for a 2hr eye exam with a Optometrist & that my Dr. needed to talk to me about the results of my CT scan. Here we go again, I almost wish they would just tell you over the phone so it wasn't prolonged giving the brain the ability to grow the imagination.
I will be going to see him at 4pm tomorrow.

At one point today I was helping my Son with his registration while painting the fascia, while cooking dinner on the barbecue and no I don't have more than on set of hands.

I would say this day couldn't fit much more into it and I am so glad I took the time this weekend because I think I would have collapsed today if I hadn't.

Thank you Jesus for giving me the strength to set limitations and not sway from them, I know this was of you because I have never even thought about it before. Thank you for giving me the wisdom to except what you have brought me to with the peace in the knowledge you will get me through what ever comes my way. Thank you for carrying me when you know I can't do it myself. Father I pray for my sister, please father free her from her suffering, draw her close to you and give her the comfort only you can give, but in all things let your will be done. In Jesus Christ Name Amen.

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