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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Day Of Struggles And Celebrations.

Today was a much better day from yesterday for the most part.

Before I left for my first appointment of the day the roofers came, yeah we get a new roof, thank you Jesus!

I left for my first appointment of the day, the Carrier Counselor, I was to take him a sample of my photography. I was excited by his reaction, he was so pumped at my ideas and encouraged me to pursue them. I told him my only issue is the fact that I am learning you need money to make money in this world. I am bound and determined to prove that theory wrong.

I stopped by the Arts Counsel here in town to pay a $15. annual fee for membership and asked about some questions I had about the paperwork for the Festival they will be holding the end of Aug., I finished the forms & handed them to the lady who asked if I was leaving my photographs for the executor of the counsel to review for the festival application. I am totally walking by faith as I left her my package of photo's and I have absolutely no idea how I am going to be able to afford to put together any merchandise to sell, so far everything is out of my financial reach. I feel totally at peace walking blind into this one moment at a time trusting God for my next step. I figure he has moved mountains in my life before why not trust him with this, I believe if it is Gods will for it to happen everything will come together in a way that can only be explained by his presence in it.

I went home and was puttering for a bit, writing emails & searching info up on the web. I had a light bulb go off to send my son to the school to pick up his final report card.  He came home with a big grin on his face, he said he had a surprise but I need to look at his report card first, he did really awesome. He got mostly A's & B's. I told him how proud I was of him. He said ok here is the surprise. He pulled out from behind his back a certificate and on that certificate it said Honour Roll. My Son against all odds didn't just Graduate he did it with honours. I thank Jesus for this day as I remember all the people God purposefully placed at the right time  into my Son's life.

I thank Jesus for allowing me to witness a first for my family, being both my children Graduating and going strait into University to cont. their studies.

I left home still beaming from ear to ear with excitement. I went out to pay for my son's University deposit because I received what they call here a HST tax credit which was enough to pay for all of it.

I also needed to go to the Dr's for the result of my CT scan. The scan was all clear except for I have multiple sis's in my sinuses. The Dr. will though be sending me to a neurologist in Vancouver as he said we still needed to find out what was causing the numbness down my left side that comes in waves as well as the pressure & vertigo in my head.

We went out for cheap burger night at Triple O's as a celebratory dinner for my Son's accomplishments.

We on the way back home we stopped to see my Sister in the hospital, she did not look good as her bottom part of her legs & her feet were turning black in color, they had to remove a sis  from under the skin by her ankle this morning & she was still waiting for the vascular surgeon, she looked in massive pain and was fighting not sleeping but this was her body trying to cope that was making her sleepy. I will never be able to watch someone suffer like I have been doing with our family members. I don't think it helped that my sister was in the exact room my grandma was in & the exact bed where she past away 15 days short of a year ago.

Father please be with my family and I as we Celebrate, Cry and Remember. If it is in your will give us peace & strength through all things. In Jesus Name Amen.

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