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Sunday, July 24, 2011

God's Calling Growing Stronger

Yesterday my heart was reignited, with a flame in my heart that has never really gone out. Everywhere I turned yesterday I was faced with the fire being stocked with more fuel to make it burn inside me even more than it had ever been before.

Every where I turned yesterday I ran into the words, Africa and Kenya, even in the book I was reading "Free To Be Me" by Betty Robinson. I feel God was bringing me back to where he needed me to be with new lessons learned.

God used the message at Church today to give me an unquenchable thirst, that can only be satisfied by following him where he wants me to go.

The Call to Kenya is even stronger now than it was before. I have an ache in my heart for Kenya, a place that I have never been and didn't know existed until God placed it on my heart and I Googled it. The ache is as strong as the one that was in my heart after the dream I had about my sister passing, it is that strong. I feel if everything was possible I would have been on the next plain to Kenya today.
I got home from Church today and all over Facebook was the Cry for help because of a famine that is driving people to camps on the borders of Ethiopia, Somalia & Kenya. Oh God here my cry's as I want to go help in these camps and bring hope into a place where there is great suffering and turmoil.

God has told me that he has some mountains yet to move in my life and Strongholds to break. I understand now that these will not be of my works, they will be of God's power, mercy & grace. God is creating a firm foundation in my life before he takes me where he needs me to be.

The Mountains I see needing moved are:
- a mortgage that can't be touched for three years that I am responsible to share with my mother
-no passport, no means to get one
-the means and support to go to Kenya

The Strong Holds:
-my need to have both my children in their own independent adult lives
-my need not to hurt my mother by leaving her behind & alone
-my sense of responsibility to care for every family members wants and dependency on me

I feel these are quite large and only through prayer and petition will the mountains be moved & the strongholds be broken. Please Pray!

God has already removed one stronghold and that was my dependency on the worldly things for support. He has put me in a place of learning to be patient and wait on him.

Mathew 16:24-25
Luke 9:22-24

Jesus you are my Rock and my Fortress, through you all things are possible. I ask you to petition on my behalf for the mountains to be moved and the strongholds to be broken. Thank You Jesus!!, In Jesus Name Amen.

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