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Friday, July 8, 2011

Prayers Answered, Past Revisited & A Unexpected Contact

I am Praising God for answered prayer as my sister came home from the hospital and is feeling better. Praise God!!!

My Sister informed me that she heard the name of the Dr. who contributed to our nightmare during the over 60 calls to 911 being paged at the hospital. I was told in the past that he had been fired, now I am thinking that he was removed till they thought the dust settled, I don't know for sure. I can't let this Dr. do this to another family.

I looked up the contact info for the Fraser Health Authority and emailed them with the Journal of events of that 8 month period & explained my concerns. I received an Email back requesting for me to call them to be able to better address my concerns. I also have intentions to contacting the College of Physicians & Surgeons. I feel it is now time to deal with this. I had mentioned in my Email: "You may ask why I waited to do this, my response is that I was dealing with some raw emotions that I needed to deal with & I needed to support my daughter as she no longer trusts anyone from the health care field. I am working on trying to find a way to trust the system that I once trusted with my life & my families life and now question everything they have to say."

I also emailed Christy Clarke about a concern I have with EI, quote from my email to her "EI has recently put me on sick benefits do to this. I am thankful for this as seeking employment in the conventional way do to my unreliability at this time is not possible. I though have some good days and I am finding the way EI sick benefits is set up I can not plan for future employment options on my good days as programs are closed unless on regular benefits. I am concerned if I don’t use the good days it will play on my mental health and set me up for depression. I was wondering if this is something the government has thought of before as not all people fighting health issues are effected 24/7 and would it not be ideal to support them through training & support to use their good days to work towards employment for when the health issues are dealt with or to search for options that will work around the challenges they are facing." I had mentioned what we had gone through and attached a journal of that year, the same one I forwarded to Fraser Health.

Later on in the day while I was editing more photo's I received an email from the film crew, this was totally unexpected as I had thought they had written us off, apparently not. The directer is possibly coming on Wednesday to do the check back in to see how we are doing.

I have mixed feelings on this as I would like the opportunity to get our story out there and the opportunity it will give my photography, but I know longer trust how they will portray my family as they can cut and splice giving any spin they would like out to the public & being there was some conflict this is a real possibility. I pray that some decency & respect can be given by the film company towards my family as we have had our fair share of trauma and do not need any more.

I ask for your prayers over all of this, thank you!

God is called Sovereign Lord through out the Bible and when you look in the dictionary for the meaning of sovereign it gives one of the meanings is: having supreme rank, power, or authority.

I know Father you are our Sovereign Lord who has power & authority over all things. I come to you oh Lord  on my knees asking for your authority over all of this and if it is in your will protect us from the negative possibilities in all of this, but if this is what you need to help us grow give us the strength and peace to stay leaning on you rather than our understanding. Let your will be done. In Jesus Precious Name Amen.

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