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Sunday, December 19, 2010

Looking in Ward & not always liking what I see. The Back of the Tapestry.

Over this last few days I have been finding myself less tolerant of others miss spoken words & actions, as I see them. Without thought I respond in a stern not so pleasant tone & moments later I ask myself why am I doing this because I don't enjoy it I don't like speaking this way, could God be showing me that no matter how hard I try even without thought I will always fall short of the kingdom & am always in need of his grace & forgiveness. Christmas is less than a week away, what does the word Christmas represent?

Christmas to me means the birth of Jesus Christ, God's only son. A son that was born in a manger. The King of all Kings & Lord of all Lords son born in the most humblest circumstances. A birth more valuable than Gold. Hope was born in the birth of Jesus who laid in a manger. God gave us a path to Salvation & forgiveness, our conscience reminds  us the need for that forgiveness. Without this we would be lost forever in darkness.

I could not imagine a life without hope, how do we strive to make it through another day without hope. I lean on the hope Jesus has given me everyday without it I would not live. I know my life & I are a mess. My life is like the back of a peace of tapestry full of knots & the ends of string where another direction has had to be taken. I made reference the other day on one of the social sites I am part of that I am almost ready to sell the rights to my life story because it would make a great horror flick & I know it will have a great ending.

You ask how can anyone know their life story will have a great ending. I know mine will because I heard the knock at the door from my Saviour Jesus Christ & opened the door. I know that I have been forgiven & that I will have eternal life filled with all the blessings of heaven & that I have the gift of the holy spirit left in my heart to guide me through the ups & downs of this life. Jesus has been my lite during some of the darkest moments in my life, even when I didn't know.

Don't get me wrong this in no way makes me perfect. My Life is far from perfect it is the back of that tapestry that is still being worked on but I know that at the end of my life God will turn over the tapestry to show me the beauty he has created in my life by the finished tapestry which would have not been possible with out the knots of life, and the trimming to go in a different direction.

I still feel pain & hurt but God will not give me more than I can handle & sometimes he trust me more than I trust myself & needs to show me that through him I am stronger than I know or think. Through the Trials my Faith is refined.

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