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Monday, December 27, 2010

Darkness & Wings Clipped

I had found myself shrouded in darkness with a heavy spirit this last few days, but the light has returned.

 I realized today that I was having my wings clipped, just like a bird does to stop it flying off God was clipping my wings so I wouldn't fly off in my own direction. I don't always connect the dots right away.

I find I spend more time with God at work than at home. I know that sounds strange but at work I can listen to Praise & worship music through Praise 106.5 or my IPod. I can also find quiet time during lunch & coffee's to read my bible, if I learned anything through the trial the more time I stay focused on God the easier life is to deal with. When I am at home life gets in the way, schedules are so busy God seams to get left to the side except for grace. I so want to break this cycle, I don't like feeling the way I do when God isn't constantly in the picture in my life.

Today I was able to listen  to Praise 106.5 all day as I worked. God used the music to speak to my soul, reminding me of what he told me during the trial of last year. God told me grab on to my hand I won't let you fall, with that came a flood of peace & joy as my focus was back on God & the trust he taught me to have in him.

I had spent the four days I had off on focusing on my Sister & my family, then focusing on the feeling of helplessness creped in & then that was it. I don't know if you have seen the new Chronicles of Narnia movie "The Voyage of the Dawn Treaders" that just came out, there was a scene near the end where they had to be careful that they didn't allow their fears into their thoughts because they would become real. Satin preys on our doubts & fears, if we are not guarding ourselves with the Armor of God, he will use them to way down our spirit and put us into darkness as we fall to our sinful nature. I failed to guard myself by putting on the full Armor of God this last four days and in doing that fell to the devils schemes, but today God grabbed a hold of me & told me he wouldn't let me fall.

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