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Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas Day

Today started off quietly with my son not waking till almost 7 am & he isn't the pushy one, so his Nana slept until I put one of the dogs on her bed at 8 am. She slowly got herself out of bed. I was still struggling with facing the day as I knew now that this Christmas when everyones families would be getting together, mine would not be.

This would be the year where all 15 of us would turn into 6 of us getting together. My family decided that they didn't want the stress of my Dad as he is in his 80's living alone, has lost every ounce of hygiene & the focus of anyone other than himself, we figure he is undiagnosed Autistic. I didn't agree with it but I am only one of many. My brother & his family spent Christmas Eve with her family but choose not to come to our family celebration. My daughter is miles away.

We started unwrapping presents, I didn't do shopping this year as with all the days off work due to illness money was in short supply & I really had lost the drive to buy presents this year. My Mom had given me some of her money to go shopping with but how do you spend someone else's money, knowing full well you would never be able to repay them & then give the gifts from you, to me that would be living a lie.

My Mom did all the shopping this year & bought some wonderful gifts for the kids. My son got to open his & loved every last one of them. My daughter has to wait till she comes home.

You ask where did Jesus Birth come into our day today it didn't as me & my to kids are the only ones that make a big deal about it, most of my extended family are not Christians or Church going people and get grumpy when it is mentioned. My son said grace over our meal at my sisters house & it was extremely uncomfortable for everyone. I Pray for the day that Christs Birthday becomes the center of our whole  families Christmas Day.

I have to say through the kayos of yesterday of Sister having surgery, dialysis, car breaking down and finding out that close friends were dealing with serious medical stuff in their family, that they were just told, God blessed me with an early Christmas Present.

My Nephew from a unchristian family anniciated grace at lunch & then when asked if we were taking him home or would he like to go to the Christmas Eve service with us he choose to come with us to church, He had never in his 16 yrs. step foot into a Church & he loved the service & was amazed at the quantity of people that also attended. I saw light shining in his eyes before the day was out & I hadn't seen him this happy in a long time.

I think I have found this to be a Christmas that was a blue one for me because I witnessed what was disintegrate into what is now.

 I lean my hope on what the Birth of Jesus meant for those who believe.

Merry Christmas Everyone!!!

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