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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Conviction, Prayer, Anointment & Healing

On Sundays bulletin from Church it said:
 Need Prayer??
The Elders are inviting Northview family to come for prayer Tuesday,.............
"Is any one of you sick? He should call the elders of the church to pray over him and anoint him with oil in the name of the Lord." James 5:14

I was thinking on Sunday when I read it I should go, but reality kicked in and I started thinking if I try to go to the church Tuesday night it would mean a confrontation with my Mom. My brain started playing all the scenarios  in my head and some how reasoned I couldn't go but I could send an email instead then all would be well. Every time I turned around I found myself staring at the Church bulletin and the words "Need Prayer??" Then conviction came as the question came into my head " If this was a Dr's or Specialist appointment wouldn't you make time?" I felt that one, so I had decided to go. I think it wasn't just all my Mom I think part was me too, as this is all new to me and I had let fear of the unknown try to stop me, but fear of these things are not of our Lord & Saviour.  You see I have taken my daughter for prayer at the prayer meetings for healing, but this was me and no matter how hard I try it is still difficult to humble myself to ask for help. 

I had arrived at the Church a couple of minutes late with all my nerves in hand. I ended up running into the Pastor of Worship, he pointed me in the direction of the Elders Prayer meeting. Before I could get there I heard the Youth leader from the church that met us repeatedly at the hospital with my daughter call me and the couches in the lobby of the church was the waiting room for prayer. Questions started running through my head, you see secretly I am shy, does this mean I am going in alone with the elders. Fear started sneaking back in. 

My turn came around and one of the elders & I walked down the hallway, that hallway seemed much longer than it is on Sunday. I entered a room full of elders that were standing around, I recognized a couple of faces, but the rest I didn't know. I was asked to sit in a chair & explain why I was there for prayer. I explained that God had convicted me to come and that I would be going for my heart test results tomorrow from a hole they had found in my heart. I explained that I was not afraid for myself my fear was for my children who had already been through so much this last couple of years & what this would do to them. 

You see I had witnessed God use the trial we had gone through to shine light in the lives of those we care about,  if this would be another trial I know that God is in control and at that he would bring me closer to him where I want to be.

I was anointed with oil on my forehead and the elders started praying over me & my family, for peace for my family & for healing for me. I was shaking with nerves the hole time.

I felt such a peace & filling of the Holly Spirit. I sit hear typing and I am realizing that the pains I was feeling in my joints & my lower back is gone, you see I suffer from arthritis & I had reserved myself to the pain it caused as part of life but now it is gone. Praise God!

I go tomorrow to the Cardiologist filled with hope, peace, joy & the Holy Spirit, with the knowledge that no matter what the outcome it is in God's hands to fa-fill his great plan.

May you be able to rest in the security of Our Lord & Saviors hands. 

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