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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

April 3,2013

Genesis 22

Dear Father,

Father I Praise you for how merciful you are to me when I do not deserve mercy.I thank you for the grace you poor out in my life. Thank you for your redeeming me from myself and the path I was walking in sin.

Father I realize that I have been saying I'm all in but you are showing me that I am not quite yet, as you show me I have one more area in my life you are still working on. One area that I do not trust you enough to let go of and that is trusting you with my Mom's care. I know if it is your will you will for me to do something you will take care of everything.

Father I ask that you guide me, fill me with your truth and give me your strength to let go and place it in your hands.

Father I come to you as the Father to the Fatherless. I place my son in your hands and ask you to free him of the bondage of this world and show him that he is perfect and wonderfully made, as you created him. Father help him and teach him to walk in the you created him to.

Father there are so many grieving the loss of a loved one right now. Father we know they are not lost if they have a relationship with you, because there has been a place prepared for them in your mansion.

Father comfort those who have been left behind, flood them with your peace, grace and mercy. Fill them with your Holy Spirit and protect them from the author of lies.

Father I lift up the school, little Bryan and all who live in or come to El Tizate up to you. Father bless them and fill them with your Holy Spirit. Father if they don't know you remove all the barriers around their hearts and draw them close.

Father through your strength I ask that you consume me and take charge of every nook and cranny of my being and my life. Take charge of my thoughts, my dreams, my spoken words and my actions. Father let your will be done in my life, not mine.

In Jesus Name Amen.

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