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Thursday, April 11, 2013

April 10, 2013

Psalm 27 , Psalm 62:2Psalm 31:3

Dear Father,

I have not wrote to you in a while, as I have been struggling to put into words what has been happening in my life. Through it all, Father I have not been alone as you have walked with me, filling me with your strength to get through and your peace that allows me to rest in your promise.

Father I was struggling in many ways last Saturday. I temporarily lost self control when the man was aggressive and ignorant at the second hand store, as we dropped of donations and he wanted to park where we were parked. H e was only considering what he needed and it didn't matter about anyone else and he was verbal about it and I was verbal back and shaking with temper, until you reminded me to recite out loud and repeat mercy and grace and the lady from the second hand store added peace. In repeating it over and over again, You reminded me that we are all sinners and you made a way for us all through your mercy and grace through your son Jesus.

Father the challenge continued as I found myself preparing to go out for dinner with my mom, as my brother-in-law invited us to go to dinner with him and his new wife and then we would go back to my sisters and his town house. My mom was needing to pack up the figurines my sister wanted her to have. I was faced for the first time going into my sisters home since she passed away, but thankfully I was not alone as my sisters and brothers in Christ were praying for me. Father you gave me the strength to make it through the night with bottled up tears and having to accept that things were moving on.

Father you are my rock and my shelter, you alone give me strength in times of trouble, through this broken world.

Father there are so many people of this world face many mountains and I can think of many within my walk that are facing mountains. Father I lift them up to you! Father bless them, fill them with your Holy Spirit, your love, mercy, grace, strength and peace, if they don't know you draw them close, soften their hearts so they can see you.

Father I also lift up to you little Brian. I so miss his love filled hugs. Father guide him to walk in your ways daily, fill him with your Holy Spirit and bless him.

Father I lift up to you my two children. Father guide and protect them and little Brian. Father cut a way with the Sword of the Spirit anything that is not of you and return it to the pit of hell where it belongs to never return, Bless my children Father, as they are your children as well.

Father I come to you for healing of my right arm, as the Doctor said I have a form of tennis elbow fro repetitive work. Father I thank you for my dad forcing me to right as a child with my right hand all though I was left handed, so that I can be ambidextrous. Father I also ask for your provision so I can make it to payday, two days away.

Father above all that I ask you break me, consume me and free me from my will, let your will reign in me and above all things let your will be done.
In Jesus name through the Holy Spirit Amen.  

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