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Monday, April 15, 2013

April 13/14,2013

Psalm 61:3-5, Psalm 91:1-3

Dear Father,

You are the great I am. Where I end you begin.

Thank you Father for the full nights sleep, for getting my bosses mom through heart surgery and for witnessing my boss thanking you for getting her mom through.

Thank you again for the sister in Christ that put aside money at the local produce and allowing her gift to multiply as after two visits to the produce store and filling our fridge and fruit bowl, there is still more left. Father through this blessing you have continued to provide a way for me to continue on eating the Papaya and olive oil, that you asked me too.

Father thank you for all those who prayed for me today, may you poor out an extra measure of blessing on them today and on their families, as their prayers helped sustain me, through your grace.

Father I took the medication the Doctor prescribed for my arm. Although I was able to have a nights sleep, I was feeling really sick from it, everything I ate had a metal taste to it and I am sure it is impacting my mood, as I felt heavily burdened and down, where before no matter what was coming my way I could rest in your peace and joy, today that was gone.

April 14, 2013

Dear Father Thank you for your presence of mind to stop taking the medication and I know now it was putting me into a depressive state, making me nausea and causing the metal  taste. Everything now is back to normal. My arm still hurts to move, but at least I am not feeling sick and down and out.

Father I lift the people of this world who are near and far from me, you know them by name, you know what they are facing and you know what they need. Father fill them with your Holy Spirit and cut away with the sword of the Spirit what is not of you in their lives. Father fill them with your mercy, grace, peace,love and joy. Father if they don't have a relationship with you draw them near to you and remove all the barriers that stand in the way.

Father I come to you asking for your forgiveness, as I fall short. Father break me, consume me and let your will reign in my life. Father take charge of my thought, my dreams, my spoken words and my actions.

In Jesus Name Amen.

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