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Friday, April 12, 2013

April 11,2013

Mathew 8:23-27, Mathew 14:22-33, Mathew 16:5-12, Mathew 6:24-34, Jeremiah 29:11-12

Dear Father,

I know you are sovereign over everything and your plans are good and not to harm.

Father forgive me as my faith is taken over by doubts and uncertainty, of how we will get passed these times of struggles. I know you have continually provided in our times of troubles and have gotten us through. I know I need to trust you in this as well.

How come though I still get anxious and worried about our finances. Why do I continually allow this to become a strong hold on my life. Father please help me to let it go, because I am weak and you are strong. My mind keeps racing to find a solution and fix it, even when I know you are the answer.

Father I know this is only temporary, as it is only catch up from missing a paycheck, but my brain goes back to the fear of going backwards.

Father I know it was your will that I went to Guatemala, as it could not happen unless you provided and you did. I so miss walking with you the way we did there.

Father please take charge of my thoughts, my dreams, my spoken words and my actions. Father break me, consume me and free me from my will. Father let your will reign in me, fill me with your Holy Spirit. Father protect my family, friends and I from the author of lies.

Father help me to get out of the boat and walk on water with you. Help me not to lean on my own understanding, but on your sovereignty and promises.

Father I lift T, A, Little B and my mom up to you, guide them in your righteousness, place a hedge of protection around them and cover them with the blood of Jesus.

Father many of this world are facing something. Father fill them with your Holy Spirit, Your mercy, Your grace, Your Joy, Your peace and Your love. Father if they don't know you open their eyes and remove any barriers that are preventing them from coming into a relationship with you.

In Jesus Name Through The Holy Spirit Amen.   

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