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Saturday, April 6, 2013

April 5, 2013

Isaiah 30:26Proverbs 3

Father you are greater than I could ever imagine, Your love is greater than I could ever know.

Father I thank you from the bottom of my heart for calling me into a relationship with you, that I could never have imagined. I heard a song once that said when we draw close to you the things of this world grow strangely dim. Thank you Father for drawing me close to you!

You are all that I can think of and  want now. Father you have brought me so far from that broken girl that hated you and despised any thought of you. Thank you for never giving up on me!

You alone have delivered me from the brokenness, as you carefully took one broken piece at a time and restored it perfectly back to where it belonged.

Father I know the work you have started in me is not finished yet. I know you will complete your good work that you have started in me.

Father I surrender, break me of myself, restore me completely to who you created me to be, let your light be all that people see when they look at me. Father let your Gospel flow out of me into those who cross my path.

Father help me to carry my cross well so that your Glory can be shown through what you have done in my life.

Father I love you more than life itself, give me the strength and wisdom to do your will in my life not mine. Help me to walk in the Holy Spirit daily.

Father I lift up the people of this world to you. You know them by name. You know what they are facing. You know what they need. Father fill them with your Holy Spirit, flood them with your Love, Joy, Mercy, Grace and Peace beyond understanding. Father cut away with the sword of the Spirit of You the things that are not of you and not pleasing to you and return them to the pit of hell where they belong to never return. Father if they do not know you draw them near, soften their hearts so that they can see you and want you. Lord Jesus Come.

In Jesus Christ Name through the Holy Spirit I Pray Amen. 

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