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Friday, February 18, 2011

Updating things

Well my Dad is still in hospital and still haven't heard from the social worker even after many try's. Last Sat when  I saw Dad he was in the fetal position laying in the hospital. I went to straighten his bed for him & give him a hug, when I took the blankets off to straighten them he was all skin & bones. My Dad is content with the fact he gets three meals a day and sleeps the rest. He doesn't look well at all.

My sister is still trying to have the Dr.'s figure out things as her body cont. to shut down. I so pray she accepts her salvation soon.

The Filming has started at our house and the crew are such a caring/polite bunch.

My Mom is starting to scare me as she has all the symptoms of post traumatic stress disorder, but doesn't see anything wrong and thinks we all want rid of her from the house, so not true.

My daughter has had enough with everything she is having to face, especially when my mom is threatening to split the house.

I wonder what is going through my son's mind while all this is happening his lips are sealed.

I am watching my family fall apart & witnessing all the suffering and apparently can't do anything to stop it.
Oh and on top of this all I have caught a bug and I have been feeling flutters in my heart all day & have been loosing the feeling in my left arm, what a weird feeling. Prayers please.

Father in heaven let me rest in your arms while you hold me together. In Jesus Christ Name Amen.

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