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Friday, February 4, 2011

A Full Week

Well this is the week full of work, full of emotion, full of excitement & confession.

Well the Early Bird RV Show is on. Wednesday we did the set up starting at 7am finishing for the night at 9:30pm, surprisingly the day went by fast with a great bunch of people. Thursday some of us were back at 7am to put the finishing details together before the doors opened at 10am. I only worked a couple of hours and then went home for a few hours as I needed to come back at noon to work until 8pm, for the last couple of hours I was able to walk around with Bucky the Beaver. I watch the excitement & terror of all the little kids & the Joy of the adults that were taking & getting there picture taken with Bucky, even once I was requested to get in the picture, it was great end to a long day. Friday was back to normal hours but at the show & then back to the lot to finish off the day. I have to say my feet are thankful to have the weight taken off of them till Saturday afternoon when I will be back at the show making sure everything stays clean & looking nice. First day off is next Friday and this is when I get to crash, but I don't think I am going to. I am feeling much different this RV show from the ones this last 5 yrs. I feel so at peace, free of stress & exhaustion. God has so showered me in his peace that transcends understanding, that I feel I have no fear left & have the strength to face what ever comes my way because even if it is filled with pain and I may hurt, God will get me through.

I think I have felt every emotion this week as many things have been happening. I have felt the emotional pain of listening to my sister scream in agony not being able to help her. I've felt frustration as I watch my mom suffering pain from her back and the rest of her joints & barely able to walk as she does nothing to help herself.  Frustration as I hear my dad wasn't doing to good today & finding out my aunt my dad's sister disposed of all my dad's stuff & doesn't she realize how that will make him feel knowing he has nothing left. Anger as my mom do to the stress in the house can't muster up an ounce of empathy or compassion & also won't stop giving advice lacking in the above. Feeling of being pulled in two directions with the RV show it has to be the main focus taking care of my physical needs like sleep & rest so I won't burn out & My daughter being in need of 24hr emotional support as she relives the memories in the context that they happened in reality not prescription induced & the death of her friend & another being critically ill and me not having enough left to give her my all.

Well I thought I would save the excitement till last. The show that my daughter had signed us up called Consumed through HGTV has excepted our family for the filming for their show and will possibly start filming next week. My work has stepped forward and will be lending us a Class "C" Adventurer Motor Home so that if my son or mom get overloaded they can use it as a quiet time out zone, as most likely there won't be one in the house.

I have to confess I have spent very little if any time reading the word of God this week. I also found at the end of this week my prayers were not as abundant as they should be, the time has been replaced by work. I do have to say though I have been able to fill the work time with my Ipod Nano full of Praise & worship music & Praise 106.5. I also have to confess my excitement of hearing the majority of the RV radios were set to Praise 106.5 & I didn't do it, they were already there for the last two days.

Here is another song that turned up on my Ipod that I hadn't heard before but really like: The God I Know need to really read the lyrics.

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