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Monday, February 7, 2011

About Me & My Prayer

I am reposting this for any one who wants to know & wasn't here in the beginning of me blogging & to make it easier in the future to be found.

About Me: 
I grew up with a father who suffered from a mental illness till my Mom

became a single parent when I was 7

I have been rejected by my earthly father,

I am an abuse survivor,

I am a date rape survivor,

I am a survivor of self-punishment,

I am a poverty survivor,

I am a cancer survivor,

I have been a single parent of almost 18 yrs,oops another year has slipped by it is 19yrs now.

I have raised two children, one who has High Functioning Autism/ ADHD
I have fought for the right for my son with HFA/ADHD to be aloud to attend school

I have experienced rejection from  system that was in place to protect, as
my daughter went through the over 60 911 calls due to a reaction to a prescription medication.

I have been faced with fighting for my daughters soul, when faced with
spiritual warfare that a year before I would have said you were nuts if you
told me any of what I saw with my Mom & son.

I have experienced God dry my tears when I became broken.

I have experienced deliverance from my past.

I have argued with God & lost,

I have experienced a peace that transcends understanding & an unexplainable
Joy, when I became dead to myself & alive in Christ.

The Healing has truly begun & this wouldn't have been possible if it wasn't for the love, mercy, forgiveness & grace of my Heavenly Father. He has given me freedom from my shame & fear. He has given my life purpose.
My prayer:( Please let this be your prayer)
              Father thank you for the promise you gave us through your son Jesus Christ. I lift the people of this world up to you in prayer, you know what they are facing, you know each one of them by name. Father let your will be done in their lives, flood them with your peace, hope, joy, & grace. Fill them with your holy spirit on a daily basis. Place a hedge of protection around them & cover them with the blood of Jesus. Father if they do not know you draw them close so they can see you. Remove all barriers that would stand in their way to knowing you. Father transform us & help our eyes stay fixed on Jesus. Jesus if we ever needed you its now! Lord Jesus Christ please come.....In Jesus Christ Name Amen.

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