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Monday, February 21, 2011

Meeting Me On The Way To Work

I was driving to work this morning when I was surprised by a visit. God met me in my thoughts this morning as I drove routinely  to work. You ask how did I know it was God, I knew because it came with his word.

He told me my child I understand

"You witnessed your daughter be rejected by those around you as they didn't believe her & they became furious. I watched my son be rejected by those he was brought up with and they became furious, my child I understand."
"You witnessed your child be taken from you, as she comforted you as she knew she needed to go. I witnessed my son be arrested as he told them to "Do what you came for... , my child I understand."
"You witnessed your daughter being mocked for who she was. I witnessed my son being mocked for who he was, my child I understand."
"You had to stand by and watch your daughter endure great suffering through many things. I had to stand by and watch my son endure great suffering through many things, my child I understand."

My child I understand & I knew my son had to go through this so my children of this world could be forgiven of their sin's and so one day they could enter my kingdom. My child you will understand one day why this had to happen for the greater plan. I ask you now to forgive those who did this to your child & trust me.

When I heard this, this morning, an understanding came over me & it was like a weight was lifted from me. I felt God giving me that gift of being able to allow the forgiveness to enter into the deepest part of my being. I understand now that they didn't know what they were doing to us.

Father forgive them for they know not what they have done, forgive them as you have forgiven me. In Jesus Christ Name

Mathew 26-27

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