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Thursday, February 17, 2011

How Come Some Times We Allow Our Mouths Speak Before Our Hearts

 I am finding as I go through this process of publicly expressing my thoughts that some times my mouth takes over & the words that are spoken are not from my heart they are words I have been told over & over again that my mouth believes to be true but my heart knows are not always right & not always what I believe.

I was asked  some questions yesterday & I found myself having my mouth speak the worldly expected answers. I found myself today rolling back the screen of what was happening with my heart questioning my mouth as I find my heart believes & trusts in Christ but my mouth still fails me & states the untruth of God's promise to me. I think back to the Church service on James 3:1-12 about taming your tongue & this is an area I still struggle with. I pray that God tames my tongue to only speak his truth.

I am starting to relate to what Jesus said to Peter in Mark 14:27-31 as I have always thought if I even had to die for Christ I would & I would not denie him no matter what, because of what he has done for me & the love I have for him.

I found myself during the first day of filming being a denier of Christ as Peter had in Mark 14:66-72.  I know it isn't as bluntly obvious as Peter did but as I was explaining things I turned to the worldly answers and by doing that denied what Jesus had done for me in my life & what he had taught me through the trials to trust him to take care of me & leave the idols in my life behind.

Jesus I ask for your forgiveness for I have sinned. Help me to be true to you & you alone. In Jesus Christ Name Amen.

Please Pray for my family, the Production Crew & for this to be for God's Praise & Glory....

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