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Saturday, February 5, 2011

Figuring Out Things & Excitement Building

Well after getting home from the RV show I came home to my Mom making roast beef & Yorkshire puddings...oh yummy! We sat for a family meal  that was the first step to disaster. I find family meal times turn into my mom & daughter venting how miss treated each other is by each other...ug. I have figured out that they have absolutely no respect for each other. My son & I can feel the resentment they have for each other.

I don't even think they realize how bad it has gotten and how much it hurts my son and I listen to them go at it. I have finally given up on being the ref, because they are both right on somethings & they are both so wrong on other things. My son & I just got up tonight and went out & walked the dogs till they calmed down.

Our house is extremely quiet now to the point you can hear a pin drop as I think everyone is scared to open their mouths.

This could be interesting considering, we had a call into the house today by the film crew for the show Consumed from HGTV & this was part of the fight as my son gave the phone to my daughter because my Mom was visiting with Lou, he didn't think she wanted the phone in there. My daughter discussed the details and schedules with the head person & this angered my Mom as she said she was the adult & she was tired of my daughter taking over things that should be one of us. Yes I agreed my daughter should have passed the phone over as there are many details to schedules that she has no knowledge of and can sometimes leave out important details but this can't be changed now. I believe in educating her on what she should have done but there is no point in dragging it on & on because it will not change what is in the past. From what my daughter told us is that they will come around Thursday and will email her with the details.

I think this is going to be interesting as this is at the end of my overtime & I will have worked 11 days straight. Well I guess they will get to see me at my best, not. I so pray that God uses this 5 weeks of the show to shine his light bright.

Well I am starting to yon uncontrollably now so I guess this means it is time to go get rest as 8 am comes far to quick.

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