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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Planning For The Inevitable

I have been trying to work out possibilities and options if we have to sell the house. I have told my Mom that if we have to sell the house after all the bills are paid the equity in the house that is left is hers, as she is so afraid of loosing all that she worked for over the years and can't get another mortgage that will hopefully get her a home that will sustain her in the future.

I found a web site that tells you a budget with what percentage of your income should go to what expenses in your life. I was faced with a reality that only God can help me with. I have taken what my income will be after November, taking the pay from the three days of work I get a week from work, $1134.28 a month. Using their list & percentages this is what it breaks down to a month:

Food:                                                          $148.59
Housing:                                                      $373.18
Apparel & Services:                                      $45.37
Transportation:                                            $216.75
Healthcare:                                                    $66.92
Entertainment                                               $56.71
Personal care products and services:          $14.75
Reading:                                                        $3.40
Education:                                                   $21.75
Misc.:                                                          $17.01
Cash Contributions:                                     $38.57
Personal Insurance and Pensions:             $112.29
Tithing:                                                       $19.29

Now place this budget with the reality of life:
-needing a minimum of a 3 bdrm place,
-enough for son's prescriptions that are over $100.00 a month
-feed three people, while my children get educated so they can support themselves.

Father you are the great provider, you tell us why do you worry if I can take care of the birds, why not you?
Father I lay this in your hands. In Jesus Christ Name Amen.

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