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Tuesday, October 11, 2011


Happy Thanksgiving Day to all my Canadian friends and Happy Columbus Day to all our neighbors to the south!

Wow this has been a weekend to be thankful for! My weekend started with the blessing of a makeover and a removing of a dishwasher and the installing of another all by myself for the first time. We also were able to pick up red bark mulch that the last time cost us over $7. a bag for $3.99 cents a bag so we purchased their last 43 bags. You are probably wondering how I can purchase these with no money and no steady job, while at a risk of loosing the house. I will explain.

I feel if we are going to be forced to sell the house I want us to be able to get the most out of it we can, so I pulled out the MasterCard when I found the dishwasher almost 50% off as I didn't think it would look good to sell a house with a bungy cord holding the dishwasher closed, not to attractive if I do say myself. I also pulled out the M/C to pay for the bark mulch as I felt it was important for curb appeal to buyers if we have to sell and if we don't it will help with maintaining the garden that we never seem to be able to control the weeds in and with my arthritis can be extremely painful sometimes to do.

Explanation over now back to the good stuff, we managed to edge the grass along all the gardens, sidewalks and driveway in the front of the house. I managed to weed and trim all the gardens and move or thin out some of the plants. I also laid 37 bags of bark mulch down in the front gardens that made a dramatic impact on how our house looks from the street. We did this in the three days of the Thanksgiving weekend and I am so thankful the front has been finished. I never realized the emotional impact all this has had as we feel like we are starting a new beginning as we slowly get our lives back.

I feel like I have turned a chapter in my life and this one is revealing all the changes God has made in my life and the new beginning he is blessing me with as doors are opening. I am so thankful that God has given me a voice free of fear and shame to speak out and be who he created me to be. He has given me a voice to stand up to the unjust practices in this world. He has given me a voice to speak out in humanity, as it breaks my heart that humanity in this world is dying as I witness more and more people say it is not my problem so they pass it by.

I remember a world where common practice was to look out for your neighbors and help where you can and everyone new everyone around them and looked out for each other and their kids. I am blessed to be living in one of these neighborhoods that are becoming extincted. We have aloud technology to stand in the place where once relationships stood. When was the last time you called someone rather than email, text them or use social media? How much more time is spent with a screen standing between you and your friends & loved ones? I feel society has become very impersonal and we at risk of teaching the next generation how to have the traits of Autism that so many parents are trying to change in their children with Autism.

When are we as individuals going to stand up and say "I am the one that is going to make the change!" I can tell you as an individual you do have that power to make that change! Next time you go to message someone through a screen pick up the phone and call someone and hear their voice, make that human contact, make people matter!

I am thankful for the provision God has given me in my life and for the transformation I am witnessing in my life and most of all for the people in my life!!

What are you thankful for?

 What change are you going to make to make people matter?
 Remember it can be as simple as picking up the phone or going out for coffee.

Please share if you would like.

Father thank you for your ability to transform our lives! I pray Father that you give us the strength and wisdom to know that we can be that change in humanity. Please touch the people in this world in a special way so they know you have a plan and a purpose for them in this world. In Jesus Christ Name Amen.

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