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Sunday, September 11, 2011

What Lies Around the Corner.....

I am finding these days that many things lie around the corner some bad, some good, some surprising and some take you on a journey.

My daughter & son were being faced with the reality of school tuition fees, a reality I was powerless to help them with as we have no money. My son is able to possibly get special funding for post secondary education due to his Autism/ADHD, if he can get someone qualified to sign his form, this might be difficult as it is from the medical community he needs it and not just a family Doctor. My daughter struggled the first semester do to all the effects of the seizures she had from the prescription medication she reacted too, so she didn't qualify for student loans this semester. She though managed to come up with 2/3 of her tuition and the cost of her text books. I had a dear and wonderful friend offer to pay the balance for her. Praise God for answered prayer!!!

I started thinking on the way to my counselors appointment about how to solve the problem of tuition for post secondary when you have the ability to do University but no financial way of attending. My brain started working in hyper drive as I felt God pressing something on my heart. What if a ministry was started where people needing a post secondary education and couldn't afford one as all avenues were closed would come too.

Outline of Ministry:

-Qualifying Candidates would show that there is need that can’t be filled for them to support being educated.
- Candidates would commit to a set amount of hour’s of volunteer work, through individual or organization needs.
Examples :
-Seniors, the sick, the disabled or Single Parents needing yard work, house maintenance, painting or house cleaning, ext.
- Organizations such as Food Bank, Cyrus Centre, Mentoring Programs and so on.
-Ministry would reach out to the body of Christ and would also approach corporate & business sponsorship. Fund-raise.  Not wavering from our Christian values & sharing of the Gospel as well as through words.
-Looking to be operational for the next school year, 2012.

I emailed the Church telling them, " I'm wondering (2) things:

1) is it possible to be connected to a mentor at the Church who can educate me on starting up a Ministry.
2) would it be possible to run donations & sponsorships through the church until the Ministry can establish an independent system.

I also said,"I feel if I can open up this Ministry it would suite to purposes to do outreach to the community and I have been told that a not for profit can hold one paid employee which would create employment for me to support my family, as we could survive on $15.00 hr. to support our living needs."

received an email back saying that it would be looked into further next week and they would be praying about it. God willing.

I received an email from from a past coworker, wanting to know if I would be up to detailing his fifth wheel he was doing up to sell. I said sure I would love to and it would help our financial situation. He would drop it off Thursday night around 8pm.

I have turned many corners lately that have ran me right into memories & sorrow for my big sister who passed away two weeks ago now.  I was asked by a dear friend on Thursday if I was still looking for a job and I gave her the I want to happen answer yes!! I pulled out my resume, around 7:30pm, to paste it into an email and was going over it to make sure everything was right and up to date when I was struck by the corner I was about to hit with the smallest of details. I came to the part of references as I read to myself my sisters name was brought into my thoughts as I read it. I would be faced now with deleting her from my resume and be faced with having to admit to myself one more time she was gone. :'o(

I could feel the swell of tears about to escape and I hated it, I couldn't cry my past coworker was about to bring me a job to do and the last thing he wanted to face after a day of work was a babbling brook.  I had some help from some friends on Facebook to help get my mind some where else and it worked. He came and dropped of the fifth wheel. I was so excited to be doing something again that had meaning to me, as I like to take things that look old and make them look as new as possible again.

I woke Friday morning bright and early and started working on the fifth wheel to soon find out that I am going to have to do this a bit at a time as I no longer had the ability to do this for long length of time like I use too.

I had been cleaning it for a couple of hours when my Aunt showed up to take us out to lunch. She took us to ABC Restaurant, mom phoned a head. The Manager at the restaurant sat us down, she is a nice lady we have known for a while from going in there. She had this look on her face that made me concerned. I turned to my Mom and asked if she had noticed because I said she looks like she is grieving. She came back with coffee for my Aunt and my Mom asked her if she was ok? She said " Yes, but I don't know how to ask you this....I was...." Mom put her out of her suffering of trying to find the right words. She said "about my daughter, yes it was her in the paper, she passed away." My Mom went into explaining to her all the details as my daughter and I tried very hard to stay composed. The poor waitress that would be serving us had to ask a question and felt very awful cutting in.

We ate our lunch and was about to leave when the manager came to give my Mom a hug and then came towards me to give me a hug, a hug I was terrified to receive,  fearing the flood gates would open and I would be unable to stop them. She hugged me and told me she was sorry about my sister, the swell of tears I could feel coming to the surface. She walked away and I quickly excused myself to outside where I could cry to myself. Everyone came out soon after and by the time we got back to my Aunt's car I was able to stuff the tears back in.

A dear friend told me about the grieving we face around corners is so we can face it a little at a time.

I got home from lunch to find a message from my friend that asked about me looking for work.......

to be continued......

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