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Sunday, September 11, 2011

We Interrupt My Blog Post

10 yrs ago today the world was changed for ever as some lived through the nightmare many of us were frozen in front of the TV.

I remember where I was moments after the first tower was struck as the picture is etched in my memory. I was getting my kids ready for school like usual, when I went to walk past the tv that had the news on and I found myself frozen unable to turn away as the second plane hit the twin towers in New York, a feeling of horror and disbelief ran through me.

My heart & prayers go out to all the family & friends that were left behind that day to grieve the ones who died that horrible day in History. Many as well that ask why me even 10 yrs. later, how come I survived when the people around me died.

May we never forget that day in history and the people that were lost.

Live every day as if it were your last, but not in fear. May you never be left with regret of things not said or done.

I never go out without hugging my children & telling them I love them, because you never know.

I just heard the news that the first res-ponders will not be included today in the Anniversary and I have to say I am appalled!

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