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Friday, September 16, 2011

Breaking News Answered Prayer!

On Tuesday when I went to the prayer counselor, we were renouncing and confessing and rejecting many things in my that seem to still have a hold on me. When we were praying the counselor prayed for the demons that were oppressing our fiances that they would return to the pit of hell to never return. When we were finished praying she shared with me what she had experienced.  She heard heckling after asking what she had said about our finances and the heckling said it is already done and then she heard God say what is done can be undone. I have to say I was a little spooked, but also very hopeful that this was the end of the financial struggles.

Wednesday I went to a ministry training program and all I heard was money mandatory for Hosts & Helpers. My heart became overly burdened with the thought I couldn't afford to serve God in the Church and how wrong this felt. We were broken into small groups to discuss what we got out of the night & pray. The question was asked and before I knew what was happening, I blurted out what I got out of the night is I can't afford to serve God. We discussed this to be told that wasn't the intent. Prayer was said and it was prayed for my finances.

Thursday I phoned Service Canada to find out about my Employment Insurance (EI) and explain one more time about my dilemma of a Doctors note and not being able to provide one because of the hornets nest created in the medical system over the care of my daughter. The lady persistently encouraged me to speak with my new Doctor. I was finally convinced after the second call with a lady at EI.

I made an appointment to see the Doctor for this morning and he said he didn't need to go through the history but he could write me a note. He wrote me a medical certificate stating I was dealing with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. After a few issues I got the form into EI with the new expectation of soon receiving the last 3 months of checks. While in the Service Canada office my mom phoned, she received a call from my old boss wanting  to speak with me. I called her back and I ended up going over there. She asked me if I would like to come back part time. Praise God for answered prayer!!! I start back to work Tuesday, just in time for the RV show, I already have been given 6 shifts.

I have so much to do between then and now. I have a friends RV to finish detailing that is sitting in the driveway. Our so kind neighbor is going to put our new toilet in that will hopefully stop the need for CPRing the toilet on Saturday. Sunday morning My daughter is going to go to her new Church for the first time by herself, but she found out after she planned this that one of the past pastors at our church will be preaching. Thank you God!! I will go to Church with my son and then My daughter and I will get ready for our adventure, as we head out to spend the night on the streets of Vancouver so she can get in front of the line for her audition to Canada's Got Talent at 8 am on Monday, as she has to be back home for her University class for 4:30pm. Hmm will we be able to do it, God only knows. Praying I can come up with a memory card for my camera before then.

Father thank you for bringing me where I need to be at the cross and the knowledge that if I lean on you and your timing anything is possible and everything is possible. Thank you for removing the demonic in my life and help me to put your Armour on everyday. Father draw those close to you who don't know you yet. Help open our eyes to the path you want for us and help us walk it in obedience. In Jesus Christs name Amen

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