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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Walking on God's strength alone.

These days I know the only reason I am walking & moving is because of God.

I will have worked 18 days straight before Easter weekend comes & was just informed by the film crew that they will need the final list of our missing stuff by easter Monday, this means Easter weekend will be spent working at getting the rest of our stuff unpacked. I know this will take the hole weekend from morning to night as this is how I spent my last weekend. I am so looking for a miracle so I can spend Easter on the celebration of Jesus Christs sacrifice so that we can have eternal life & be freed from our sin.

I am finding my schedule has a routine, I work all day & come home to kaos/stress all night. I know the only reason I am still standing is by God's grace, mercy & strength. I know this because I am empty & have nothing more to give of myself, but every time it is needed God gives me the strength to persevere & even smile when I need to put on a face that lifts others up. When you see me & nothing appears to be wrong you are seeing the Holy Spirit working through me when I can't. 

Mark 13:11

Acts 2:38

Jesus please fill me daily with your gift of the Holy Spirit, give me strength to persevere through the trials that are brought in front of me, strengthen my faith on a daily basis, keep me in God's love while I wait for your precious gift of eternal life where there are no more tears & no more suffering. In Jesus Precious Name Amen.

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