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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter!

I here all around me people saying Happy Easter and I wonder. I wonder what their definition of  Easter is, is it Bunnies, Bonnets, Chocolate, the Gardens coming to life or is it the arrest of an innocent, the beating of an  innocent, the crucifiction of  Jesus Christ, the one & only son of God, do they know the true story behind Easter?

I have to admit I use to celebrate Easter with the Easter Bunny & all that comes with it. I new that Easter was about Jesus but that is not where my focus was. I had been told about the Good News & the Gospel but I really didn't know what they specifically were in reference too in the Bible. I didn't really understand until this Easter, I was blind it has taken me over 10 yrs since I asked Jesus into my life. I so wanted to share the Good News & the Gospel but was in fear of messing it up & getting it wrong. I only knew how to share my relationship with Jesus & my experience with the Father, Son & Holy Spirit. The Story though is not my story with Christ, but Christs story that is for us all.

Jesus was beaten & crucified on a cross to pay the price for not his sin, as he was the perfect lamb, but for our sin, the sin that keeps us away from God. Jesus knew that he would be crucified, but he did not run. Jesus for told what was to happen to his disciples. Jesus rose again on the third day to justify us and to take the power away from death, the enemy has been defeated and Jesus became the bridge for us to be with God.

Please take time to read Mathews Testimony about Easter

Mathew 26 , 27 , 28

Happy Easter(Resurrection)!♥

John 5:24                             John 12:44
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