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Monday, April 11, 2011

Plans are a Changing Wondering Where God will Lead Me Now.

I came home to another night of Kaos as my daughter grieves the person she was & learns to except the person she is now. I find that when my daughter suffers my deepest part of my soul aches. I needed to take a break & refocus on what I was going to do & ask for prayer. I opened my email to find out I had received an email from Global Aid Network. They were sorry to inform me the Kenya Missions Trip had been cancelled.

I sit in prayer now to wait for where God will lead me next. I think God just wanted to know if I was willing to follow him & was showing me what I still need to learn.

I ask for your prayers for my daughter that God helps her find peace & forgiveness for those who have wronged her. I also would like prayer for God to show me with no room for doubt in my my & heart of where he is leading me next. Thank you!

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